Personal Testimony

I topped the clones as soon as they took root and I placed the well-rooted clones in 12-gallon tots with a gallon of charged biochar mixed into a common potting mix. I was first amazed that the plants immediately branched out with new growth everywhere. I joked the plant had a plan. I chose to super crop the plants and so I bent all these branches out like spider legs when the plants were about 12 inches tall. The plants loved it and immediately turned their buds up to the lights and grew into bushes with nodes every two inches with several hundred buds on every plant. I had so many that I had to top the plants a second time, picking the choice top three buds down every branch. I let the other buds fully develop for a second cutting; something I know is done with hay crops and seemed to work well.

I am not a great grower with a lot of experience so all the help that biochar brought was very welcome. I only needed to water every two and a half days. I so welcomed the days of not having to water! I would check the soil, and the top would be dry, but moving a slight bit of soil would reveal a very moist inner soil. The biochar seemed to keep the moisture held in the soil. Having the top of the soil dry but the deeper soil moist helps in preventing bugs and mold. Water and nutrients that may have been leaking from a pot without biochar now are held in place for plants to use.